Our Commitment

Matic will draw upon its commitment to continuous business improvement in order to drive synergies along the supply chain. This will improve operational efficiencies and deliver a cost effective mode of operation to our clients operations. This will be leveraged from the following business capabilities including;



Safety & Environment

Investment in Technology



Matic Group believes the human resource is the most significant factor in delivering successful business outcomes. Matic prides itself on the diversity of its workforce and we encourage the sharing of cultural awareness and understanding. All staff are seen as part of the Matic Family and understand that each member of the family adds value to the greater cause. It is through this collective, collaborative and shared approach that we have the ability to perform well beyond expectation. Our ‘living’ the Matic Values of Safety, Customer, Team Work and Performance underpins our endeavours and shared vision to be “Driven by Performance”.


Matic Group actively supports Australian Industry Participation and Aboriginal Engagement as a core business strategy. In particular, Local Suppliers and Businesses relative to our Western Australian Business Enterprises based in Perth, Geraldton, Karratha, Newman & Tom Price.

A key factor in this strategy is the ability to promote suppliers currently aligned with our Clients, assisting to strengthen their presence & service offering in the communities where they operate.

This enhances a three-way collaborative approach to resilience & longevity in remote areas such as the Pilbara & Gascoyne areas of operation.

Improving these existing businesses will not only ensure their long-term viability, but also allow these businesses to improve their ability to maintain competitiveness, reliability & provide their clients with the highest level of quality products & service.

Fundamental to the above is building on existing and creating new long-lasting relationships that ensure the success of the Communities and local businesses and assist in improving Safety & Risk Management.

Matic Group is committed to educating all staff on the correct procedures and processes required for local participation engagement, additionally Cultural Engagement Awareness training will be provided.

Safety & Environment:


The Matic Group Safety Management System (SMS) ensures health, safety and the environment remain an integral part of the business’s core operations. The Matic Group four (4) pillars of safety management focus on the following key elements:


  • Policy
  • Risk Management
  • Promotion
  • Assurance


The Matic Group Safety Management Plan provides the SMS documentation framework. Current HSE Management processes include:


  • Establishing safety goals, objectives and targets
  • Corporate HSE Management Plan
  • Management Review Mechanisms – i.e. Safety Committee, Site Visits, Toolbox Attendance
  • Risk Register and Review
  • Legal Compliance Register
  • Auditing, Review and Verification


Matic Group has established the following set of key values that underpin how it manages safety:


  • All injuries can be prevented;
  • Working safely is a condition of employment;          
  • Employee involvement is essential to workplace safety;
  • Management and employees are accountable for safety;
  • All operating safety risks can be safeguarded; and
  • Training employees to work safely is essential to maintaining and improving workplace safety.


Matic Group works tirelessly to prevent a hazard and risk event coming together in an effort to protect all key stakeholders in the supply of services. This is achieved by maintaining a safety and environmentally conscious culture within the Matic Group based on the completion of:


  • Vehicle Pre-Start Checklists
  • Pre-Start Meetings
  • Vehicle Defect Reporting
  • Personal Risk Assessments (Step Back 5 x 5 Program)
  • Employing Job Hazard Analysis (JHA), Safe Work Instructions (SWI) and Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)
  • Journey Management Plans inclusive of Adverse Weather and Road Condition Procedures
  • Attendance at toolbox meetings
  • Consultation and Communication
  • Incident, near miss and hazard reports raised and acted upon
  • Workplace Inspections
  • Pre-shift BAC Testing and participation in random D&A Testing
  • Emergency Response Procedures


All Matic Group activities are governed by COR company policy and procedures whereby Drivers undergo extensive COR Training incorporating the following key elements:


  • Load Management Systems documentation
  • Mass Management
  • Dimensions Management
  • Load Restraint Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Fatigue & Speed Management
  • Journey Management Plans and Rosters
  • Roll Over Prevention Awareness

Investment in Technology:


The Matic Group is attuned to the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital revolution and how best to manage our digital transformation. The transport industry is not immune to technological advances, with in-cab technologies keeping pace and in most instances exceeding the safety features in most passenger-based vehicles. In keeping with our desire to become the transport provider of the future, Matic invests heavily in our technology capital and encourages investigation into new technologies that keep all stakeholders in the supply chain safe and free from harm. The current technology suite includes:


  • In-Cab Camera Systems
  • GPS Tracking Technology – Navman N-Nav 950 systems-based technology
  • Matic Transport Management System (MTMS) – end-to-end freight movement management; portal interface, freight booking, scheduling, “real time” event stamps, POD and report generation. Includes risk management module to maintain driver compliance including pre-start checks, defect, hazard and incident reporting via the Matic App
  • In-Cab Fatigue Monitoring Systems i.e. (Seeing Eye Technology) currently exploring the installation of ‘real time’ driver fatigue and distraction systems – alerting the driver via audible and physical queues to a sleep or distraction event
  • Introduction of Journey Management Plans and mandatory carriage of EPIRBS Units for all regional routes
  • Alcolizer Unit. Mandatory Pre-Shift BAC Testing
  • Improved tanker signage for Driver Awareness – Caution (Air Dump), Caution (Pressure Gauge “0”)
  • Tyre Changing Notification Cards
  • Implementing OH&S Management Software Products i.e WorkLive System
  • Continued investment in a modern fleet of Volvo vehicles supporting In-Cab Safety Systems including:
    • (DAS) Driver Alert Support: prevent accidents from tired drivers
    • (LKS) Lane Keeping Support: prevents lane deviation accidents
    • (LCS) Lane Change Support: prevents blind spot accidents
    • (ACC) Adaptive Cruise Control: maintains constant time gap between vehicles
    • (HSS) Headway Support System: automatic braking based on proximity
    • (FPB): Forced Park Brake: Prevents vehicle rolling events

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